Peel and Read Labels


A label doesn't have to just have one dimension. Here at HengLi Label we offer peel and read labels as well as multi leaf labels which offer more than your standard one surface coverage.

These label varieties allow multiple pages of information to be displayed all cleverly concealed in one single label under an adhesive seal. We can provide labels from 3 up to a staggering 24 pages, literally a size to fit every specification.

The demand for additional ‘on-pack’ information is forever increasing due to new laws, legislations and increases in international markets. Peel and read labels offer a practical way to include the additional content by providing extra space for information and translations all contained within a designated space on a product. This maximises your product, particularly on smaller packs where space is at a premium.

They can also be used to support promotional campaigns by concealing promotional messages or small print.

The peel and read label itself behaves like a normal self-adhesive label and is applied with pressure. However, a special coating is applied to each label to ensure quality and offer multiple uses so your leaflet label can be read many times whilst re-sealing perfectly after every use. This gives the labels an added value as it means they can be kept for informational value, such as when containing instructions, or if presenting multiple coupons.

Our 2 – 24 leaf labels offer multiple printable faces, all of which can be fully designed to seamlessly match a products’ branding and meet your high standards. Any colour combination can be used on each page and run up to 8 colours… in addition the can include images such as hazardous symbols or logos of approved organisations. This compact solution means you can display all the information you need without compromising on the overall aesthetic value of your product.

We can provide these labels in a range of materials, thicknesses and finishes, if you want more information, a quote or a sample pack please get in touch.