In-mould Labels


In-mouldlabels (also known as IML) is a cost effective way of decorating tubs,containers and lids. Supplied either off the reel or as a cut and stack labeltypically applied to injection and blow-moulded plastic packaging.

Weuse a number of cavitated and solid films, and all films can be produced with agloss, satin or matt finish. Our current process allows numerous shapes anddesigns to be converted to single stack labels. Furthermore we can also supplymetallised or incorporate foil into the label design.

Thereare a variety of uses for this label type, for example;

 •     Lids for cosmetic or baby wipe packaging

 •     Dairy containers i.e. ice cream, butter, freshcream

 •     Beverage containers i.e. coffee to go

 •     Sweet containers


In-mouldlabels provide low-cost but high impact packaging for your product; in additionit can resist humidity, support high quality / complex graphics and decorateall sides of a container using one label. Furthermore they can help reducecontainer weight.