Form Sleeve Labels


Rollon shrink on labels are ideal for bottles or containers with contour curves orshapes. This label technology is a combination of reel-fed and heat shrinksleeves. Following application the product travels through a heat tunnel toshrink the label to the contour of the bottle. Applied in the same way asconventional wraparounds ROSO labels offer full coverage and up to 15% - 18%shrinkage on a contoured bottle. Form sleeve can achieve up to 50% shrinkage,formed and applied directly on the label line.

Contourcontainers provide brands with a highly individual and stand-out image. ROSOand form sleeve allows you to maximise on the attractiveness of the product byworking with the curves, unlike other forms of labelling which can leavewrinkles and bubbles. ROSO can be used for varied container sizes from 250ml to5lt or more if required.

Insummary, roll on shrink on labels are an ideal combination of wraparound andheat shrink sleeves that can be used to decorate a variety of products frommany different sectors including; plastic, glass and metal. Examples ofproducts which have utilised ROSO in the past include individual yogurt drinks,aerosols and glass bottles.

Benefitsof roll on shrink on labels include:

 •     High print definition

 •     Recyclable through separation process

 •     The labels follow the shape of the container

 •     Ideal for high speed labelling

 •     Suitable for hot-melt labellers and heat-seal

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